We Are OPEN!

We are OPEN!


We are pleased to announce that we have opened again today (28 June 2017).

We are happy to announce that our newly renovated hotel and restaurant is now ready for your sleeping and dining pleasure.



Come and enjoy the new restaurant and its offerings. Expansion of the restaurant now provides new views of the lush gardens (although winter is dulling it a bit). The pool is sparkling. The winter chill in the air is of no concern as the entire restaurant is enclosed, with the cosy fireplace as well as aircon. Outside dining options are still available though.





The hotel interiors are all completed. Features inside the hotel help make your stay more peaceful and tranquil, from the moment you walk in, you experience the soothing water feature at the double-volume reception area. The gargoyles from the original entrance are still located in the same place, retaining the heritage of the 1932 building.






The Estate Conference Room is the only section not completed yet and is scheduled for completion at the end of July.

A Grand Re-Opening is scheduled for later this year.


We thank you all for your patronage over the course of the renovations and look forward to offering you Gracious Living in Luxury” time and time again.

In the Travel & Tour Awards 2017 hosted by Corporate Vision, 10 2ND AVENUE HOUGHTON ESTATE has been awarded:

Best Boutique Hotel – Johannesburg 2017.


Certified Halaal

Thank you for being a part of the beginning of my Fairy-tale

The wedding room was beautiful and breakfast was amazing

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